Aphrodite Sklavaki

Great VR experience & informative platform. It gave much more as we expected. Every little piece has been developed in detail therefore result is so much enjoyable.

Christina Chaniotou

Very kind and helpful staff! they responded to me immediately and helped me with their suggestions. A new experience for me to see the houses with Virtual reality tours. Highly recommended.

Lydia Aslanidou

Being able to explore villas in VR is an exceptional way to fully understand the property in detail. Can’t wait to visit one of those unique villas in Greece.

Μιχάλης Κοντογιάννης

We had the opportunity to promote our property on a high-end platform and enter the new era of the digital revolution. Thank you Vivestia!

Giannis Theocharopoulos

I explored amazing villas through VR tours and it was an amazing experience. Can’t wait to book my summer villa rentals.

Eva Mu

It was a big surprise how easy it was to navigate threw this platform made my mind dreaming about holidays and they respond fast to any question’s I had

George Varsamis

A Real view of a property finally!! Easy to navigate and book also.

Loukas Giasiranis

Amazing work, thank you for everything !! Greetings from Rhodes guys !!

Anna-Virginia Poulimenou

The Vr experience is extremely useful. Great service. Totally recommend!!


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