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We use our passion, to give to all Villa & Hotel Owners the essential tools for the future of hospitality

Interested in Virtual Reality or not, the future of hospitality is changing.

Do not miss the chance to open your eyes to the new world of property promotion. Keep visitors satisfied as they will be able to book a luxury property online without any risk. Take advantage of your Virtual Tour walkthrough now and build trust with your potential clients.

Virtual Reality Tours
Let your guests explore each room of your property in the most genuine and reliable way

Create a Memorable Experience

VR Era

Increase direct bookings

Increase bookings up to 14% just by having a Virtual Reality model of your property and listing it in Vivestia.

Create your VR model

Create the Virtual Reality Model of your property/ies and Host it to our shared cloud.

Return your VR Investment

By listing your Virtual Tour model with us you have a twofold return on your VR Investment from: The Booking Channel and the Distribution to our network of Travel Agents

Build Trust

Joining the new VR dimension is the next big think in the Vacation Rentals Market, so make sure that you follow the trends.

Is vivestia the answer?

Vivestia is the leading platform of Virtual Villas & Hotels in Greece that aims to provide property owners will all the tools to present and promote their properties to the world.

Through Vivestia you will create your property’s virtual model or add the model that you have already created and let visitors from around the world discover your property.

As a platform and travel agency, we aim to provide honest and realistic presentations of the properties we showcase to our platform’s visitors, and alongside offer them the best experience of holidays in Greece by combing living luxury and authentic Greek Experiences.

Leaders in VR

Why to invest in a 360 VR Tour?

A Virtual Reality tour is the most innovative and realistic method to showcase your property in an immersive and interactive manner.

Through a Virtual Tour 360, you let your visitor understand the quality of your property, its size, and facilities as well as understand if it meets their needs for this year’s holiday experience in Greece.

Avoid misunderstandings and create a sentiment of respect. Let your visitors feel like they are “Almost There…”

believe that a VR Tour can reduce the risk when choosing the ideal vacation property
1 %
trust a VR Tour to reserve a luxury property for your summer vacation
1 %
believe that a VR Tour will help them better understand the property before reserving it online
1 %
would pay more money for a property that has a Virtual Reality Tour

Virtual Tour 360 benefits


Reduce the Risk

Minimise your customers’ risk in order to avoid unexpected surprises when they arrive at the property.


Gain their Trust

Convey all the necessary information regarding your property to your customers. Be transparent and gain their trust.



By offering a realistic unprocessed 3D Tour of your property we can help you increase the number of your bookings and more!

Vivestia benefits


Enhance your Brand

Increase customers’ perceptions regarding your property and drive your property into the luxury offerings cluster.


Pioneering into a new Era

Become one of the early adopters of the virtual tour 360 trends. Property owners leave photos and videos behind, this is a new era!


Promote your superiority

Present your luxurious spaces and the quality of your services to you guests and claim your superiority.


Increase direct Sales and Trust


Digitalise your cabins
Hotels &
Get access to a Validated VR library

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