Summer vacations during COVID-19 era – The Do’s and Don’ts

Learn all about the do and don'ts when traveling during the COVID pandemic. Get a travel guide from Vivestia
Summer vacations during COVID-19 era – The Do’s and Don’ts-Vivestia | Risk-Free Villas, Hotels and Cruises in VR

Last Updated on 27/04/2023 by Manolis Maragkoudakis

Summer vacations during COVID-19 era The Do’s and Don’ts

The new way of life has already brought a lot of changes and challenges to our everyday routines. Covid-19 is here and has generated numerous different regulations and different countries have to impose in order to safely get out of this crisis.

BUT what about our summer holidays?

“Will my summer holidays be the same again?”,  many of you are wandering.

Well, one thing is for certain. We need to be careful and cautious at all times and especially when we are about to travel to a foreign destination like Greece or to a domestic one by the bus, airplane, train, ferry and all the means of transportation that require sharing the same space and “air” with other people that you don’t know.

There is no need to feel uncomfortable and since you and your family or close ones follow the specific procedures and take the necessary measures, then you are just going to be fine!

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Privacy, caution and social distancing are the keys to keep ourselves and other people safe.

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As an agency we have been travelling a lot, not only before the quarantine and the COVID-19, but also after the outbreak in order to conduct some field research, engage with new customers and bring more people to Greece through our reservation platform.

During our travels we have identified many DO’s and a lot of DON’Ts that you have to know when you spend your summer holidays in Greece during the COVID-19 era.

The Do’s

  1. Contact your travel agency before booking your travel tickets
  2. Check the status to your destination and to your starting point in regards to the COVID-19 cases
  3. Wear a Mask at public places
  4. Wear a Mask while you are shopping inside a store
  5. Keep your distances
  6. Clean you sit are your nearby desk/table/stand
  7. Clean constantly your mobile devices
  8. Pay contactless using your debit/credit cards
  9. Reserve in advance a table at your favorite restaurant/ bar/ museum
  10. Book a private transfer
  11. Book a guided tour with you family only
  12. Rent a car to avoid means of transport
  13. Book a private villa/ apartment for your stay

The Don’ts

  1. Avoid intimate situations
  2. Do not pay in cash (there some cases that you might need to carry cash with you for example in a very distant island or village)
  3. Do not hug people that you don’t know or relatives that you haven’t seen for a long time, even if you want to
  4. Do not use a public toilet without assuring its cleaness
  5. Do not queue up to leave the airplane or ferry
  6. Do not let your children wander around freely without explaining them the basics
  7. Do not leave the house without a mask, because you are going to pay it for good later
  8. Do not wait until the last minute to get a table to your preferred restaurant
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Learn more about the COVID-19 measures imposed in Greece

Whether you want to learn more regarding COVID-19 measures imposed by the Greek Government or you want to learn more about how Vivestia is ensuring your safety in one of its luxury accommodations, you can talk directly with one of our specialized travel agents via email, phone or Skype.

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