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All about Syros

A True Capital of the Aegean



Syros island in Cyclades, Greece.

introducing: Syros, AKA Capital of the Aegean

Syros is a unique destination that promises to satisfy the most discerning traveler. The calmness of the island combined with its special Venetian architecture will enchant you. Unique beaches with crystal clear blue waters, luxury and unique villas, landscapes that only in movies have been seen again, and indescribable Cycladic details that are outlined throughout the island are waiting for you to explore them.

Are you planning to visit Syros next summer? you nEED to visit these iconic landmarks

Syros is a Greek island in the Cyclades. The largest towns of Syros are Ermoupoli, Ano Syros, and Vari. Ermoupoli is the capital of the island, and also of the Cyclades, and the South Aegean. A very interesting fact about Syros is that it has always been a significant port town, and during the 19th century it was even more significant than Piraeus. Syros is blessed with a rich history and diverse culture. Ermoupoli has a unique Venetian architecture. The most interesting sightseeing in Syros can be found in Ermoupolis. In Ermoupoli you can find the Church of Resurrection and the Church of Agios Nikolaos. These two churches, one Catholic and the other Orthodox. These two churches are structured in such a way that they look at each other. Syros is an ideal destination for any kind of preference. Vivestia luxury villas will provide you the perfect accommodation in Cyclades. We will take care of everything to offer you the best travel experience in Greece.
You can relax, have fun, explore, and even more, things are waiting to be explored.

Luxury Villas & Tradition: An unorthodox Combination or an Effortless union?

For luxury, once you wake up, sip your coffee by the villa pool and get ready for the day. Enjoy the breeze, have some vitamin-sea, and sip your favourite cocktails. Are you done with the cocktails at the villa enjoying the tranquility of the Aegean? Well, let me tell you about Caomma's cocktails and beverages... "Caomma" is the result of combining modern architecture with elements of Cycladic geomorphology and traditional architecture. A unique beach bar you wouldn't like to miss! At Caomma you will enjoy cocktails in the most special and unique flavors, and create the most unforgettable memories while gazing at the sea. Caomma is a must destination in Syros! What about the traditional? Once you're done acquiring new tastes on the beach, head home to change, and catch the sunset at Ano Syros, the traditionally preserved neighbourhood full of small alleys and hidden gems! Make sure to visit the Vamvakaris Museum, and remember the old musician yourself!

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Best Beaches

Beaches in Syros: Forget all about your troubles in the best coasts in Syros

Kini Beach is a must if you find yourself at Syros! Located 9km from Ermoupolis, this pebbled beach with amazing crystal waters will wash your troubles away!

Galissas beach is located 5km from Ermoupolis. One of the most popular beaches in Syros, Galissas beach is an ideal choice for families and couples!

Find yourself to the golden sand of Agathopes, a beach located in the south-west part of the island! Immerse yourself in this cosmopolitan shore…

Best Sights

A rich landscape combining natural beauty and old architecture

The Townhall of Ermoupoli in Syros island, Greece.

Town Hall

Capuchin Monastery

Vaporia Quarters

Street in Ano Syros. Syros island Greece

Ano Syros





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Food & Drinks

Immerse yourself to the Best Greek cuisine

Fine Dining

Traditional food and local gastronomy are combined for your pleasure

Hidden Gems

A few more shores to visit and a splash of unique experience

Salt Water Divers

Here for a full training or just for the sea-bottom gazing? Salt Waters Divers has you covered

Equestrian Club

Imagine doing horse riding while watching the sunset next to the sea. Feel the hot summer breeze  blowing your hair while your horse gallops among the waves

Poseidonia Beach

Lose yourself to the crystal waters of the quiet Poseidonia Beach… A definite must visit!

Casino Syros

Do you feel lucky enough? Lets go to Syros Casino! Various slot machines and games of luck await!