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1st Winners of CapsuleT Accelerator

Vivestia Booking & Metasearch Platform won the 1st price in the 4th Cycle of CapsuleT Hospitality Accelerator an initiative of the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels in Greece.

€12bn Market by 2026

Metasearch Platform is looking ahead to a €12bn market of online sales by 2026.  Projections estimate that by 2026 75% of travellers worldwide will book through online channels

1st Winners of CapsuleT Idea Platform

Vivestia Booking & Metasearch Platform won 1st place in the Idea Platform of CapsuleT Hospitality Accelerator among 12 new innovative ideas to progress to the Accelerator as one of the best ideas in the tourism industry in Greece.

180.000 Luxury Accommodation

Vivestia Booking & Metasearch Platform is aiming to project more than 180.000 luxury accommodations in an effort to reshape the way we think about the vacation rental selection process.

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