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Why Vivestia?

Vivestia is the leading platform of Virtual Properties in Greece that aims to provide realistic representations of luxury commercial properties to high-end travellers from all around the globe.

Through Vivestia you will be able to showcase the properties directly to your clients, eliminate their doubts and ensure the best fit for their holidays in Greece.

As a platform and travel agency we aim to provide honest and realistic presentations of the properties we showcase to our platform’s visitors, and alongside offer them the best experience of holidays in Greece by combing living luxury and authentic Greek Experiences.

vivestia benefits


Reduce the Risk

Minimise your clients’ risk in order to avoid unexpected surprises when they arrive at the property.


Gain their Trust

Convey all the necessary information regarding your property to your clients. Be transparent and gain their trust.


Increase Engagement

By partnering up with Vivestia we can help you increase the number of your bookings – 70% of Villa Visitors would be willing to pay. 

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