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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers


How realistic is a VR Tour?

The term “VR” stands for Virtual Reality and it showcases a realistic presentation of the property at hand providing a real-feel approach. A VR Tour is a combination of real 360 degrees photos taken at the property and are NOT the outcome of a 3D rendering software.

All the Virtual Models presented in our platform are an exact copy of the property without any photorealistic additions or amendments.

Our team had personally inspected the models to confirm their authenticity in order to provide you with a risk-free manifestation of each property.

Is there a commission fee for your services?

Vivestia’s vision is to let you explore and visualize the holidays of your dreams in VR from the comfort of your home. In order for us to constantly engage with property owners and create Virtual tours for you to virtually explore, we have set a commission fee that is delivered to the total amount of your booking.

This commission fee is adjustable based on the experiences that a visitor will reserve, as well as, the number of booking that the visitor has performed through Vivestia.

For more details please contact us.

What if I cancel my booking?

Each booking is accompanied by our cancellation policy which will be directly sent to you upon your inquiry.

Based on that cancellation policy which is protected and served by the Greek Law you have specific cancellation rights.
Moreover, based on the effects of the COVID-19 there are complementary laws that dictate specific cancellation policies.

Please enquire us regarding a specific villa to be more precise.

What more is included to your services?

Apart from offering you peace of mind when booking your holidays, Vivestia envisions and aims to offer bespoke local and authentic experiences for you to feel and taste Greek Hospitality.

We provide discrete, tranquil, and tailor-made experiences that will provide you with the ambiance, relaxation, or adventure that you seek.

Should you wish to enquire us, enter your details, and we will take care of the rest.

What are the experiences offered by Vivestia?

Vivestia is offering a variety of tailor-made, tranquil and private services that aim to provide you with a wholistic, unforgetable time in Greece.

From local private tours, to extreme high end gastronomical experiences, each experience that we have crafted aims to combine elements of the Greek ecosystem with tones of luxury feeling.

For more information regarding our experiences, please speak to a travel agent live.

In case of emergency, who do I contact?

Vivestia is by your side curating your holidays in Greece with its 24/7 support team. 

In case of emergency do not hesitate to contact us as soon as possible.

Contact us: Here

Property Owners

Is there a commission fee for joining your platform?

Vivestia’s aim is to deliver the best possible services and simultaneously to reach out to the right customers for your property and accommodate all their needs. In order to fulfil those goals, Vivestia is requesting a commission fee which is disclosed as soon as the property meets our quality standards.

Is a VR Tour a prerequisite to join your platform?

Vivestia is the No.1 platform of virtual properties in Greece and accepts only properties that have already created, or are eager to create a Virtual Tour for their property with our certified partners. We believe that VR is the future

 Join us.

How can I create a Virtual Tour of my property?

In Vivestia we want our partners to innovate just as we do. Therefore, from the moment you will share with us your property details, we will identify the right VR partner for your to create your property’s Virtual Tour. If you are interested in a price quote, please leave your property’s details here.

What is included in your services?

The core of our service includes the mediation between you and the potential visitors of your property. We orchestrate all the marketing efforts to approach the best fit for your property. We also offer a variety of local, tailor-made, and discrete experiences that will create the best experience for your visitors.

Is there a specific cancellation policy?

As a travel agency, we have to set specific cancellation policies that will serve all the relevant parties. Please contact us for further details.

Where can I find your Terms and Conditions?

Our Terms & Conditions Master Policy can be found here. Please make sure to read all the articles to fully comprehend our terms.

VR Tour Specialists

How to partner up with Vivestia?

Partnering up with the No.1 Virtual Properties Platform in Greece is a straight forward process that comprises of specific steps. Firstly, please share with us your details in our form.

Secondly, let us know about your work and your area of expertise.

Lastly, wait for us to contact you back with our partnership details and terms.

What does a partnership entails?

By partnering up with Vivestia, you are exposed to a portfolio of customers that want to create their property’s virtual model. 

Based on location you will be able to send your offer and manage the project.

We offer various possibilities of the model retention which is something that will be communicated upon our communication. Please contact us for more.

What kind of properties can I share with you?

Vivestia is the leading platform of Virtual Properties in Greece which presents luxury estates and other touristic properties through a Virtual Model.

Please feel free to share with us your work and we will take care of the rest.

What is the prerequisite equipment?

Our preferred equipment to create a VR model is based on the advanced scanning technology of Matterport (Pro). Although this is our preferred technology, we would be able to accommodate more model from different technologies such as (Roundme, Cupix, etch.)