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Together to Showcase
Greece in VR

Let’s create together the largest collection of vr properties in Greece

VR Specialists

Why Vivestia?

Vivestia is the leading platform of Virtual Properties in Greece that aims to provide property owners with all the tools to present and promote their property to the world.

Through Vivestia you will be able to reach to clients that are interested in creating their property’s virtual model and innovate. As our partner you will be able to cover the demand that we will create, getting exposure to properties around Greece and high caliber clients.

As a platform and travel agency we aim to provide honest and realistic presentations of the properties we showcase to our platform’s visitors, and alongside offer them the best experience of holidays in Greece by combing living luxury and authentic Greek Experiences.

vivestia benefits


Upscale your business

Increase your customer segment by reaching out to more prospective clients. We will bring clients to you and you will provide them with a complete and fully detailed quotation for their Virtual Model.


Convince them to adopt the new technology​

Get more clients ready to create their virtual tour by convincing them that their property’s Virtual Model will find its place to an online Reservation Platform.


Create an extra Channel to your Clients​

Let your clients know that you will create a new channel for them baed on their Virtual Model to address the world and get more visitors and bookings. 


Showcase your work​

Showcase your work to your prospective clients in this platform and let them know regarding the quality of the different Virtual Tour Technologies.


Let your clients to trust your skills​

Present your work and filming skills and let your customers know regarding the quality of you skills and the outcome of your service. Gain their trust and their hearts.


Promote your superiority

Present your luxurious spaces and the quality of your services to you guests and claim your superiority.

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